Undine Sommer

Visual Art ︎︎︎


video. hd video 16:9. colour & sound. one channel. 2:10 min. the wall guesthouse bethlehem. 2013.

Living in Bethlehem for six months, I figured, there are two kinds of tourists that come here – those who come for Jesus and those who come for the eight-meter-high Israeli separation wall. In this video, I portray a tourist of the latter kind. He sits on a hotel room bed and—to the soundtrack of potato chip crunch—keeps his gaze on one single point. Slowly it is revealed that it is the wall that he is looking at. He is a guest in “The Wall Guesthouse“, which in fact is surrounded by the wall from three sides.

Performer: Heiki Eero Riipinen
Writer & Director: Undine Sommer
Cinematography and Sound Recording: Darja Lewin & Undine Sommer
Editor & Sound Design: Undine Sommer
Costume Designer: Noam Alon

The Way To Walk On Earth Exhibition,
Nagoya University of Arts (JP)

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