Undine Sommer

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Blue Hour

Can we see the sky as a screen?

Ehm, hm, I see the noise in the sky.

I think I just saw a firefly.


I feel sleep watching blue sky in sunset.

I see a white line that looks like a thin cloud but also looks like a feezor or cut in the sky.

I see what she saw. Hehe.

I saw the caramel light bouncing off Matt’s wedding ring.

Ehmmm. …. …. I ssss ehm I’m seeing the orange color in the sky.

I hear moskitos in my ear.

There is one white line in the sky but seems like disappeared.

I smell something but I don’t know what it is.

I feel comforted by gravity.

I see Undine and the tree and the blue sky. Ehm, when I’m looking up the sky and I keep trying to see the airplane above of the cloud.

I see the sky. Is it mine? Is it mine?

It’s slowly getting darker.

I see the trees and I see I am aware of my inability to perceive the depth of the sky.

I see a white light, I think it's a UFO. Do you see it also?

I see it also.

I see the light glinting off my glasses creating strange events in my peripheral vision.

I heard Eric talking to an old man. And then for a moment I saw this old man in brown clothing holding a bike and slowly moving away.

And I saw Cha's hands recording a video of the sky. And making music on his cell phone.

Is this my voice?

I see... nothing.

I see this funny creature of a microphone and the limbs of other people.

I see Ivetta taking a selfie.

I hear a dog barking in the distance.

I hear a flight flying.

I hear so many different sounds.

Now I can see the star.

I see hair. And bodies at different levels.

I see a  little tiny yellow dot. And I really don’t know if it's a star or an airplane.

I’m staring at the sky to see something but to me it’s really like nostalgic when I’m looking up the sky. I don’t know what I’m seeing but I’m trying to see something else than what I actually see with my eyes.

hmm hm hmmmmmmmmm

Hahaha. Don’t burn down the mic!

I’m so shy!

I’m wondering where all the stars are. And I miss lying on my back and seeing the stars.

The light is absolutely perfect right now; It's so peachy on one side of my hand and so shadowed on the other.

This is the perfect sunlight. The moment that I really love when I’m starting to losing my visabilities.

I see this piece of technical equipment close to my head. And I see the circle disassembling.

I see a very beautiful young woman smoking a cigarette. Hahahah. And the orange glow is the same color as her skin in this light.

I see the end of this film.

Right now I’m not laying low anymore. And ehm ya it’s, eh, really blue. 

Blue Hour I
During blue hour (the time shortly after sunset) I invite the viewers to lie down on a blanket and to look at the sky together. By experiencing time and space in community the basis of cinema is created. A microphone is passed around through which the viewers can say out loud what they see or hear.

performance. wool blanket. microphone. sky. 30 min. jarry park, tiohtià:ke/montreal. 2019.

Performed at Sky Exhibition 2019 in collaboration with Quite Ourselves.

Blue Hour II
In a gallery, I invite the viewer to sit down on the floor facing the street-level gallery window and listen to the recorded voices of Blue Hour I. Rather than feeling exposed to the world, the recording enables the listener to enter a cinema-like state of reality and watch the world of downtown Montreal with a distance.

sound Installation. sound recording (13min 28 sec, stereo), iphone, headphones, white pillows. mfa gallery, tiohtià:ke/montreal. 2019.

Images Blue Hour I © Quite Ourselves
Images Blue Hour II © Tianhui Li

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