Undine Sommer

Visual Art ︎︎︎

The Day Undine’s Mother’s Water Broke
If Lines are Meant to Divide, Circles Will Unite Us (part II)

During my six-week residency at the Center for Art and Urbanism (ZK/U Berlin), I collaborated with architect Daniel Greenfield-Campoverde and sound artist Hyemin Jung (Joreng). By bike, we surveyed the former border of the Berlin Wall as an attempt to collect memories and testimonies of how people experienced the fall of the former on November 9, 1989. We were interested in exploring the relationship between the geographical proximity to the event and the impact it had on the individuals that day and, ultimately, the impact this relationship had on their long-term memory of the event.

Year of birth:
Location on November 9, 1989:

What were you doing on that day? What sounds were you perceiving? What was your mood, the light, the temperature? In your memory, are you in or outside of your body?

installation. sound. video. flowers. cake. photos. questions printed on index cards. pencils. calendar. zk/u, berlin. 2018.

In collaboration with Daniel Greenfield-Campoverde and Hyemin Jung (Joreng).
Developed with the support of Zentrum für Architektur und Urbanistik.

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